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Tony & Guy Shampoo (Cleanse and Anti-Dandruff) Review

13 Jun 2016

Tony&Guy Shampoo (Cleanse for dry hair and 2 in 1 anti-dandruff shampoo)

I wanted to try a new shampoo and I often try new ones because I cannot settle on one thing, saying that, this is exactly what my hair needs. Until now! I bought 2 shampoos from from the company, Tony & Guy. I bought one for my dad and one for me but I ended up using both of it.

Tony & Guy : 2 in 1 Anti-dandruff Men's shampoo:
Ok now this is a product worth raving about. I bought this reading all the awesome reviews on Nykaa and without a doubt in my mind purchased it for my dad.
I then suffered from a dandruff outburst (travelling out station everyday in the sun mixed with dust and sweat does not leave your hair in a good state). So one night, after coming back from college, when I rushed into the bathroom I saw this sitting on the shelf looking right at me with a halo over its cap (mild exaggeration). I tried it and from that moment onwards, I did not let my dad use that shampoo every again. THE END (LOL).
Getting back to the review... The shampoo is thick and is of a deep white colour. On application you can feel it blending in with your hair and reaching your scalp with ease. The shampoo leaves your hair feeling soft and clean and really really healthy. It has 2 in 1 action ie. it has an inbuilt conditioner (Techy terms!). On using this my hair-fall massively reduced.
This shampoo is worth a try. The price is mid ranged and wait for discounts on Nykaa you will get it for a reasonable amount.
You can but this HERE.

Tony & Guy - Cleanse for Dry Hair:
This shampoo had a glittery look and is flowy.  You will absolutely need a conditioner with this shampoo.  The cleanse shampoo does exactly what it says, it leaves your hair clean and gives you a rejuvenated feel. Use this shampoo if you don't need to target a particular hair problem and you are washing it to just clean it and intend to do nothing like damage control or colour retention. A very positive thing about this shampoo is that,  it is not harsh at all. After a wash your scalp does not feel dry or flaky, this shampoo is the best for people with dry scalps.
You can buy this HERE.


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