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Di Bella Coffee: Freakshake Review

11 Oct 2016

We visited 'Di Bella Coffee' quite some weeks back and found a different, rather an extra menu with  3 "Freakshakes" and their description on them. The first time my sister Sam and I decided to order the The Melbourne Freakshake and on our second visit we decided to have the Gold Coast Pretzel Freakshake. One glass of this freakshake can be shared by two conveniently. The cost of each freakshake is Rs.250, it is a bit pricey but worth a try. Another flavour we decided not to opt for, was The Childhood Wonderland, which is usually served with marshmallows and all the fun stuff on top, but we were overwhelmed by the colours and the amount of pink and  yellow chocolate. Maybe we'll try it some other time.  

The Melbourne Freakshake:

This is my favourite freakshake. The milkshake is perfect, it is not too sweet, the toppings goes well with the shake. The chocolate pearls on the glass and in the shake are surprisingly tasty, usually these toppings don't have much flavour in it. They serve this with oreos. The waffles were an added bonus. Di Bella is famous for it's waffles and incorporating their waffles in the freakshakes is a smart and delicious move. If you have an option to try one freakshake only go for this one.

Gold Coast Pretzel Freakshake:

If you enjoy really sweet milkshakes this is the freakshake you should opt for. They serve a sweet butterscotch milkshake with whipped cream on top and loads of crushed salted pretzels. It is topped with Twix and some waffle pieces (Di Bella Speciality). Finally to bind all the craziness together they top the freakshake off with some caramel sauce. 


Camping ( Siri Miri, Raigad, India )

28 Jun 2016

Sorry if you went through a bunch of photos, wondering what I have posted.
One weekend my family and I decided to go for a camp, just to get away from the hustle of the city and enjoy. This Camp was organized by Moonstone Hammock in a place called Siri Miri in Pen Raigad, India. Which was like a green-nature friendly-eco overdose. I loved every bit of it and would recommend just camping in general as a great weekend get away. 

Scrumptious (Foodie Review)

22 Jun 2016

barbecue burger scrumptious

barbecue burger scrumptious

fries with cheese scrumptious

lamb burger scrumptious

kheema paratha scrumptious


So I decided to finally do it. This is my review on scrumptious! I have been here quite a few times and I could not make up my mind on, whether I should review the food served in Scrumptious or no. But in the long run of having most of my Sunday morning breakfasts here, I picked up some favourites. (Location: Seven Bungalows, Andheri West)

Barbecue sauce: 
One dish that I enjoy often, is their Chicken Barbecue Burger (The first image of this post). It's so juicy, the barbecue sauce is a bit different and it has a more sweet and tangy flavour to it. They serve the patty topped with the perfectly caramelised onion (not too crunchy, not too mushy), I personally don't like the salad on the side but the fries are good and seasoned....SEASONED.....which makes it really GOOD. 

 Kheema Paratha: This one is a family favourites, but let me warn you, this is a cheat dish, heavily loaded with oil and loads of kheema. It is served with mango pickle and curd, which goes very well with any paratha to be honest.
The other dishes worth trying,
The Lamb Burger & the Fries with Cheese.

There are a few dishes that are really good and a few dishes that are a big no no.
Avoid the panckaes (It says it is nutella but its not) and stay away from the cold coffee

The ambience is good, it looks like a  modern Goan caffe in a land far far away (cheeezy). Plus the service is good too, the waiters are sweet but make sure you get what you order because I have seen quite some cases where the waiter brings out a wrong dish to a wrong table. 

Overall Review:
Good Flavours
Great Quantity food
Reasonable price
One time Visit

Tony & Guy Shampoo (Cleanse and Anti-Dandruff) Review

13 Jun 2016

Tony&Guy Shampoo (Cleanse for dry hair and 2 in 1 anti-dandruff shampoo)

I wanted to try a new shampoo and I often try new ones because I cannot settle on one thing, saying that, this is exactly what my hair needs. Until now! I bought 2 shampoos from from the company, Tony & Guy. I bought one for my dad and one for me but I ended up using both of it.

Tony & Guy : 2 in 1 Anti-dandruff Men's shampoo:
Ok now this is a product worth raving about. I bought this reading all the awesome reviews on Nykaa and without a doubt in my mind purchased it for my dad.
I then suffered from a dandruff outburst (travelling out station everyday in the sun mixed with dust and sweat does not leave your hair in a good state). So one night, after coming back from college, when I rushed into the bathroom I saw this sitting on the shelf looking right at me with a halo over its cap (mild exaggeration). I tried it and from that moment onwards, I did not let my dad use that shampoo every again. THE END (LOL).
Getting back to the review... The shampoo is thick and is of a deep white colour. On application you can feel it blending in with your hair and reaching your scalp with ease. The shampoo leaves your hair feeling soft and clean and really really healthy. It has 2 in 1 action ie. it has an inbuilt conditioner (Techy terms!). On using this my hair-fall massively reduced.
This shampoo is worth a try. The price is mid ranged and wait for discounts on Nykaa you will get it for a reasonable amount.
You can but this HERE.

Tony & Guy - Cleanse for Dry Hair:
This shampoo had a glittery look and is flowy.  You will absolutely need a conditioner with this shampoo.  The cleanse shampoo does exactly what it says, it leaves your hair clean and gives you a rejuvenated feel. Use this shampoo if you don't need to target a particular hair problem and you are washing it to just clean it and intend to do nothing like damage control or colour retention. A very positive thing about this shampoo is that,  it is not harsh at all. After a wash your scalp does not feel dry or flaky, this shampoo is the best for people with dry scalps.
You can buy this HERE.


The BURRRP Machine (Review)

27 May 2016

It has been a long time since I have sat down and actually written about food. This is exciting! After a long time my first post is about the first food-truck I have ever visited and my experience was good. Mumbai needs more food-trucks. 

The Burrrp Machine reminds me of two foodies that I have known since my childhood, Shaggy and Scooby Doo ( for reals... ) . I ordered for a chicken burger, two sandwiches, a cold coffee and I took home some more burgers. The burgers were a hit for me! They serve a juicy patty that is perfectly seasoned, with a slice of cheese balanced with crunchy vegetables, packed in a warm and soft bun, I also tasted the sandwiches and there were quiet some good options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian folks. The barbecue chicken sandwich was amazing with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce (a must have dish). They serve Hot-Dogs, but I did not have any more space in my stomach. A second visit to The Burrrp Machine is fixed, I heard they have a new menu and I am excited to try out some more of their awesomeness. 

Overall Review:
Fast Service
Fresh Flavours
Great Quality and Quantity food
Reasonable price
Must Visit

Festive Decor - A Glimpse

3 Jan 2016

Helloooooo Everyone. I haven't blogged for a very long time and now its like I'm blogging for the first time (EXCITED). So how was your vacation? Did you all have a great time? I had my semesters and was really busy studying. In the 5 days of holidays that I actually got I decided to spend time with my family and help them with their final touches for the Christmas prep. 
Today I thought I'd just share a glimpse of my Home Decorations and I'll add a video at the end in case you want to see a little bit more. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy!


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