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The Goal

1 Nov 2015

The times when you're stuck, lost or feel like nothing is working out.
The times when you feel worthless and numb to all the thoughts you once had
The times when you feel it's getting tough and you cannot take it no more
Just close your eyes and breathe.

All of us go through tough times when we just start giving up on all the dreams and the goals we plan.The worst part is feeling lost, searching for your purpose. I want you to remember that this is all TEMPORARY and I am here to help you out with it.Start anew!
Setting Goals And Keeping Up With Them
  1. Envision Your Goal
    If you have decided what you want to become that is great, but if you haven't there is this small exercise you can do. As a teen-ager I was curious about, how people found out what they had to become in life. According to me it was the toughest decision for anyone to make until I came across a video of a life coach on YouTube.
    He said,
    Leave your mind blank
    Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath
    Feel the peace around you
    Now just imagine your self 20 years later
    Do not Force it

    Observe everything that your mind plays for you, the surroundings, your personality, your clothes, everything. now that is your subconscious mind telling you your goal.
    Now remember, your goal can change whenever you want it to. It all depends on your personal interest which can obviously change with so many new jobs and subjects rising in our society. When in doubt practice this exercise.
  2. Make Your vision Physical
    Now that you have envisioned your goal you need to make it physical. Studies have shown that putting effort to think of your goal helps you work towards it. It releases the thought in the universe. Keep something with you that constantly reminds you that you need to work for it. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the "thing" you want . Prepare yourself mentally that no matter what comes by, you are going to work towards it.
    The best way of making this happen is writing down your goal and keeping it in your wallet or making a vision board.
    A famous example: Jim Carrey before he could get famous wrote a million dollar's check and kept it in his wallet to remind himself that he will work for his first million. He released the necessary energy and effort to make this happen.
  3. Map it Out
    Purchase a small notebook. (You cannot write million dollar ideas in a 1dollar notebook - By this I understand that if you are going to write anything about your goal down do it somewhere where you feel like reading it feel like filling it out) Write down the necessary action you need to take. Make it a step by step journal you need to follow to reach your self prepared destiny. This Map has to be prepared according to your pace, your comfort. If you try to imitate someone else' life it will be tough as each one is different. You are one in 7.5 billion people, Be Yourself.
  4. Concentrate on the Present Step
    "The past cannot be changed, the future cannot be predicted. What you have now is a gift, that is why it is called the Present. Treat it how it has to be treated." Concentrate on the present. It is the only thing that needs your focus right now. Once you learn to focus on the present, it will be much easier to achieve your goal.
    From your goal map see what you have picked out for yourself today
    Make a list of things you need to do today
    Do not forget to reward yourself after a feeling of satisfaction
    (Satis in Latin means Enough after enough action treat yourself).
  5. Gratitude
    If you really want something with all your heart? You need to have a sense of gratitude. Being thankful for the things you have now, whether it is your house your car or people in your life releases positive energy into the universe, this energy acts like a boomerang and comes right back at you. Many meta-physicists have always spoken about the importance of gratitude.
    A best way of practising it, is keeping a gratitude stone (mentioned in the book 'The Secret') in your pocket. Now what it this exactly. It is a small piece of a smooth and round stone that you can keep in your pocket everyday and every time you touch it you have to thank someone for something they have done (that makes you feel good obviously). Thank someone even when you keep it in your pocket or take it out.
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