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Hagen Daz + OOTD

28 Aug 2015

I recently told my MUM that we should go out somewhere and visit some place new. I hadn't been out to a restaurant or dessert place for quite some time now (at least not a place that I could write about). My mother agreed and we decided to surprise Sam and take her to Hagen Daz Which was over all a good experience for the soul, but a bad one for the wallet. We drove for 20 minutes to a branch of Hagen Daz Ice-Cream parlour in Powai, (Powai is a grand and lovely place in Mumbai). I loved the place where this Ice-Cream parlour was, it honestly felt like some mini Londonish town. We sat in there and ordered a Brooklyn Bridge, which was a Sundae and later on we had some cones.
I loved the flavours and the decor on the platter (p.s. the bridge made out of chocolate had no taste at all which was a downer, when I speak of flavour I mean purely the flavour of the ice-cream stood out ). The ice-creams were exceptional but you'd get most of the flavours in Naturals Ice-Cream Parlours if you do not want to splurge. I'd recommend Hagen Dasz only if it was a really special occasion and if you'd want to truly indulge. 


  1. The Brooklyn Bridge looks amazing! It's nice to indulge every so often :-)

    1. Thanks you so much. It tasted good as well.


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