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Inside Out

28 Jul 2015

Hello there! This is not a movie review. Sorry if the title was misleading,  it is just that I loved the movie. Who came up with that concept of little people living in our head! AMAZING. 
Well, coming back to the post, the dream team (i.e. Ash, Ruchir, Sam and me ) could not decide whether the top should be tucked in or left out. Some outfits are perfect tucked in and out, this was one of them. Sam loved the outfit, it was "comfortable yet presentable" which is basically what we require when we run around in the hustle bustle of the city.

Outfit Details:
Top - Westside
Pant - Sarvana stores Chennai
Clutch - Dressberry from Myntra
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Shoes - Myntra


  1. I love this outfit, it does look comfortable and yet great at the same time!


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