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"Dressing Well is a form of Good Manners"

10 Jul 2015

Hello Everyone! The title is a quote by Mr. Tom Ford. I thought it would be perfect for this blogpost and it goes along with the formal outfit very well. Basically dressing up "Like a Boss" makes you feel like one and what is wrong in dressing up to feel empowered. As a kid I would read a lot of business women articles and all of them would always have a similar line of dressing up like you have already made it to your goals. I completely agree to that, plus it keeps your ambition awake.
On the other hand there are those lazy days where everything seems down and you feel like just throwing on anything you see right in front of your closet. I want to be done with those days. The fact is though I read all these article to fight back against your laziness, it feels easier to just give in. 
So from now on this is a pact! Dress as if you've made it.
This article sounds like a journal entry but if you like reading such posts I hope you have enjoyed it.

Outfit Details
Shirt: United Colors of Benetton
Pant: Nuon from Westside
Watch: Titan

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