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Inside Out

28 Jul 2015

Hello there! This is not a movie review. Sorry if the title was misleading,  it is just that I loved the movie. Who came up with that concept of little people living in our head! AMAZING. 
Well, coming back to the post, the dream team (i.e. Ash, Ruchir, Sam and me ) could not decide whether the top should be tucked in or left out. Some outfits are perfect tucked in and out, this was one of them. Sam loved the outfit, it was "comfortable yet presentable" which is basically what we require when we run around in the hustle bustle of the city.

Outfit Details:
Top - Westside
Pant - Sarvana stores Chennai
Clutch - Dressberry from Myntra
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Shoes - Myntra

Let Your Cap Stand Out!

25 Jul 2015

Hey Hey Hey Everyone! I haven't blogged for over 10 days now because I ran out of previously typed articles and I did not get time to type new ones at all, as I was in Chennai. I literally fell in love with that city. 

Fanatics an online (sports apparel, fan gear, etc.) store asked me to make a "sports luxe" look featuring any one of their MLB caps, which was a challenge because I did not want to do a presumed look when "sports luxe"comes to the mind. Now if you have spent enough time around FizzySun you know if I do not like something it is not featured on my blog, on the other hand, if I get a website filled, I mean literally stuffed with awesomeness, then it is bound to be spoken about in my blog. Fanatics has a huge variety of caps, hats, beanies, jerseys, hoodies, accessories, and many many more such items. If you need anything sporty you'll get it there.

Since this project was all about the cap (an MLB cap to be specific), I chose the San Francisco GIANTS white cap - with giants written in bold (You can select your own Giants cap here). I loved the bright white look and the black font on the cap with a touch of Giants orange. With the unconventional  sports luxe orange dress, the cap would go perfectly yet stand out. The sporty wedged shoes adds a touch of glamour and oomph to the outfit as a whole. The reflectors were added to give a slight edge to the outfit with a bold orange coloured nail polish that ties everything together.
I hope you liked the look and do visit purely because of their variety of amazing products!


10 Jul 2015

Hello Everybody! This post is to inform all my readers that Garnier is conducting a 7day Challenge, where they will give you a sample of their 'Garnier White complete Cream'.All you have to do is use this cream for 7 days and write a review on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #7DayGarnierChallenge. To participate in the contest click this link .You will have to register for your FREE sample and make sure you read the terms and conditions. The contest ends on the 15th of August. Feel free to share your experiences!

This post is not sponsored and I convinced Sam to participate in this contest.Do not worry, you will get a complete and true review on FizzySun so stay tuned!

"Dressing Well is a form of Good Manners"

Hello Everyone! The title is a quote by Mr. Tom Ford. I thought it would be perfect for this blogpost and it goes along with the formal outfit very well. Basically dressing up "Like a Boss" makes you feel like one and what is wrong in dressing up to feel empowered. As a kid I would read a lot of business women articles and all of them would always have a similar line of dressing up like you have already made it to your goals. I completely agree to that, plus it keeps your ambition awake.
On the other hand there are those lazy days where everything seems down and you feel like just throwing on anything you see right in front of your closet. I want to be done with those days. The fact is though I read all these article to fight back against your laziness, it feels easier to just give in. 
So from now on this is a pact! Dress as if you've made it.
This article sounds like a journal entry but if you like reading such posts I hope you have enjoyed it.

Outfit Details
Shirt: United Colors of Benetton
Pant: Nuon from Westside
Watch: Titan

Fine Denim

3 Jul 2015

Outfit Details:
Top: OVS 
Denim Jacket: Forever21
Sunglasses: Shopperstop In House Brand
Shoes: Mochi
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