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Pangong Lake Outfit

27 Jun 2015

"Heaven on earth" is the perfect way of describing Pangong Lake. The serene look of the blue lake fills your body with a sense of peace. The wind blowing over the water, is cool but strong. Being near Pangong lake gives this feeling of comfort that a monastery would give you, so Sam decided to grab something casual, comfortable and blue. 
This trip to Pangong Lake just won us all over and made us promise to go back there. It feels good to find that level of peace, it clears out all the hustle bustle of your mind. We had a great time taking these photos and sticking to the casual theme, these photos were clicked in that manner too, to live up to the theme.  
Outfit Details
Sweatshirt: similar here
Jeans: Levis' Curve id
Shoes: Vans similar here


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