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Pangong Lake Outfit

27 Jun 2015

"Heaven on earth" is the perfect way of describing Pangong Lake. The serene look of the blue lake fills your body with a sense of peace. The wind blowing over the water, is cool but strong. Being near Pangong lake gives this feeling of comfort that a monastery would give you, so Sam decided to grab something casual, comfortable and blue. 
This trip to Pangong Lake just won us all over and made us promise to go back there. It feels good to find that level of peace, it clears out all the hustle bustle of your mind. We had a great time taking these photos and sticking to the casual theme, these photos were clicked in that manner too, to live up to the theme.  
Outfit Details
Sweatshirt: similar here
Jeans: Levis' Curve id
Shoes: Vans similar here

Casual/Chic Black

17 Jun 2015

Hello Everybody! I hope you all are having a great week. My vacations have officially started which gives me time to convince my sister to pose for my blog. It is rather refreshing to try something new on FizzySun. This idea was spontaneous and we enjoyed taking all of these photos. We were lucky enough to do this just before the rains could begin.
The products used in these photos are:
Sleeveless Top - Westside Stores
Palazzo - Irla Market
Shoes - Boston Shoe Shop
Bag - P.H.A.T from Jabong
Rings - Bombay Shopping

Evening Dress GIVEAWAY (Sherry London)

11 Jun 2015

Hello Everybody! I am really excited to write this post today as I "come bearing good news". FizzySun is collaborating with Sherry London (click to visit their website) for a GIVEAWAY! 
Sherry London is giving away an extremely sexy, eyecatching, black cocktail dress (click to view the dress). Now that you have seen the dress you know it will make a great evening dress or a prom dress. This one shouldered short Chiffon beauty is modern and beautifully designed. I like the sparkly band going across the waist, it adds that touch of glamour to the dress.
The competition ends on the 9th of July and the winners will be contacted via email directly from Sherry London.The size of the dress will be customized according to the winner. So get your Game-face on and send as many entries as possible to win. Good Luck everybody!

You can enter the Giveaway directly by clicking the link below:
Sherry London

View the full dress here.

Holland Meets Mumbai: Street Art

9 Jun 2015

We decided to drive along the coast and search the Amsterdam Street Art made for the 'Holland Meets Mumbai' event. It was something we just decided to do for no reason. I guess after giving a month long exam anything is good that takes your mind of the fixed schedule. It was nice to go out, just to see a street art, generally I'd skip on such events but I did not want to be stuck in that loop of not doing anything different. DIFFERENT is good, it helps you be better at what you do. So if you are like me, stuck in a loop or fed up of your standard routine do something different, it seriously helps.

This month my focus is on doing different things and doing things differently. Easier said than done, but I will try my best and work towards this and share it with all of you, even if it is as simple as going to watch a street art (P.S. The best photos can be clicked at such locations and it is fun.). I'm sorry if today's post is a bit chatty and nothing related to Lifestyle, but it is something I felt like doing and I wanted to share something that I had a lot of fun doing.
Just for a touch of fashion to this blog-post, Sam (My sister in the pictures) has worn the perfect outfit for a sunny-day in Mumbai, to roam about the streets of Bandra. I will list the details below.

Top: Forever21 Similar here 
Jeans: Levis'
Bag: Forever21 Similar Here 
Pumps: Westside

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