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The Best Summer + Anti Acne Skin Care products

22 May 2015

Summer is coming to an end (...almost), but if you're in Mumbai, you know we are in this state of  perpetual summer. I have been using the featured products for quite some time now. These products are unbelievably light on the skin and are amazing if you are out the whole day. I used most of these products to get rid of my pimples. If you know me, you know that I suffered from major breakouts and after following a particular skincare routine and having gallons of water I can proudly say "my skin has never been healthier". These products are not particularly for girls and can be used basically by anyone.

For cleansing my skin I use the ' LAKME-gentle and soft deep pore cleanser' as I have very sensitive skin, this works the best for me. I use this to remove any make up on my face, and as  that happens very rarely this bottle lasts me for a fairly good time. It has a cream base which smells utterly delicious.  Facewash-wise I use 'Ayorma fairness and anti-tan facewash' let me put in a small disclaimer, I in no way intend to change the colour of my skin because Indian-dusky is hot. I use this product because it makes me feel really fresh, it has this scent of lemons, which all by itself feels fresh. 

I use 'Proactive Refining Mask' once a week on my whole face and if I breakout I apply it on that spot. The whole Proactive  treatment did not work for me, but I really liked how this mask made my skin feel, that is a little dry and firm. If you have some acne this product dries it out.

To keep my eyes healthy and hydrated I use 'Kiehl's - creamy eye treatment with avocado'. It does wonders and clings on to your skin throughout the day. I love using this and I recommend this to everyone with any skin type. Now because of my pimples and oily dry combination skin-type I am not a great fan of moisturisers but 'Emolene' made this a lot easier on me. It is literally a weightless moisturiser. If you hate applying moisturisers this is perfect for you, as it will change your view completely.
(P.S. Moisturising is very, very important for a healthy skin.)

   Last and one of the most important step is to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays and there is nothing better than a sunscreen to do this job. I use 'Sunheal' or 'Neutrogena ' depending on my mood.
Sunheal is a bit difficult to apply, you cannot apply a lot of it otherwise it leaves a purple tinge on your skin, but I find Sunheal a lot better protection wise which is important and preferable when I am out in the sun. Neutrogena is easier to apply, creamy and not tinted. Plus it is less pricey.
I use my homemade almond and oatmeal scrub, for my face I have written an entire post on that and I'll link that here.

Create and stick to a skincare routine that includes products that suit you the best. Avoid touching your face often and drink lots of water.

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