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Birthday Haul!

15 May 2015

I could not find an exact title for this blog, so I just threw in the name Birthday Haul. I hope this blog gives you an idea of what you can gift someone turning 21. In this blog I wanted to feature some of the awesome timeless gifts I got on my birthday. I turned 21 this year so these gifts were perfect, as I promised my self that I would stop playing it safe (with my style) and explore different items of fashion as I do not often try new stuff. Some of the gifts I got really surprised me as I adored these products but never had the guts to purchase them and why did I describe them as timeless, well, you'll find that out.

Guess Bracelet
I got this pink and rosegold bracelet from Guess. It came in a cute tiny pink box that it still sits in. It is better to store such pieces in their original packaging to avoid scratches on the metalic parts. Rosegold is really trending now and it was the perfect time to recieve this present. 

Oxidized Earings
I got a pair of oxidized earings from Westside. These earings can be worn with literally any type of hairstyle, like an up-do or a wavy let down. It goes on with both western and traditional. The size is perfect and I am absolutely in love with this. 

Structured Bag
I got a mustard coloured David Jones bag. I believe this was bought from Lifestyle (because it had a lifestyle wrapping paper on it), but im not a hundred percent sure though. I have never owned a structured bag but surprisingly I used this twice allready and it was indeed comfortable.

Casual Handbag
I got this handbag for myself from Forever 21. This might sound a bit cheeky but I have never gone out to buy something for myself unless I was forced to do so buy certain conditions or my mother. So this was really cool and I thought this bag was a good investment as it goes along with a pair of jeans and any solid coloured top.



  1. Sounds like you got some great prezzies :-) I want them all but especially that lovely bracelet!

    1. Thank you @ThinkFitFoodFamily


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