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Goodies (Some Great Travel Essentials)

30 May 2015

Hello everybody! I had these amazing products sitting in the back of my closet as I was anxiously waiting to put them in good use, like a vacation. As my Semester will get over in ten days (yay!) I pulled them up front to keep it ready for my travel kit. 
First off, I have my Bath&BodyWorks' Pink Chiffon travel pack which contains a shower gel, moisturising lotion, perfume and a sanitizer. 
Second, is my AVON naturals travel pack, which has some body and hair care products.
I even got three different hand creams, to keep my hands nourished and beautifully scented.
The Stress Relief body care duo from Bath&BodyWorks is a hit at my house and after using it the bathroom smells like eucalyptus which is amazing.
I just wanted to squeeze this fragrance candle and painting by my sister in this blog, just because it is so lovely, so cute to see and it is yellow which I absolutely love.
Have a great vacation everybody! See you next week.

The Best Summer + Anti Acne Skin Care products

22 May 2015

Summer is coming to an end (...almost), but if you're in Mumbai, you know we are in this state of  perpetual summer. I have been using the featured products for quite some time now. These products are unbelievably light on the skin and are amazing if you are out the whole day. I used most of these products to get rid of my pimples. If you know me, you know that I suffered from major breakouts and after following a particular skincare routine and having gallons of water I can proudly say "my skin has never been healthier". These products are not particularly for girls and can be used basically by anyone.

For cleansing my skin I use the ' LAKME-gentle and soft deep pore cleanser' as I have very sensitive skin, this works the best for me. I use this to remove any make up on my face, and as  that happens very rarely this bottle lasts me for a fairly good time. It has a cream base which smells utterly delicious.  Facewash-wise I use 'Ayorma fairness and anti-tan facewash' let me put in a small disclaimer, I in no way intend to change the colour of my skin because Indian-dusky is hot. I use this product because it makes me feel really fresh, it has this scent of lemons, which all by itself feels fresh. 

I use 'Proactive Refining Mask' once a week on my whole face and if I breakout I apply it on that spot. The whole Proactive  treatment did not work for me, but I really liked how this mask made my skin feel, that is a little dry and firm. If you have some acne this product dries it out.

To keep my eyes healthy and hydrated I use 'Kiehl's - creamy eye treatment with avocado'. It does wonders and clings on to your skin throughout the day. I love using this and I recommend this to everyone with any skin type. Now because of my pimples and oily dry combination skin-type I am not a great fan of moisturisers but 'Emolene' made this a lot easier on me. It is literally a weightless moisturiser. If you hate applying moisturisers this is perfect for you, as it will change your view completely.
(P.S. Moisturising is very, very important for a healthy skin.)

   Last and one of the most important step is to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays and there is nothing better than a sunscreen to do this job. I use 'Sunheal' or 'Neutrogena ' depending on my mood.
Sunheal is a bit difficult to apply, you cannot apply a lot of it otherwise it leaves a purple tinge on your skin, but I find Sunheal a lot better protection wise which is important and preferable when I am out in the sun. Neutrogena is easier to apply, creamy and not tinted. Plus it is less pricey.
I use my homemade almond and oatmeal scrub, for my face I have written an entire post on that and I'll link that here.

Create and stick to a skincare routine that includes products that suit you the best. Avoid touching your face often and drink lots of water.

Birthday Haul!

15 May 2015

I could not find an exact title for this blog, so I just threw in the name Birthday Haul. I hope this blog gives you an idea of what you can gift someone turning 21. In this blog I wanted to feature some of the awesome timeless gifts I got on my birthday. I turned 21 this year so these gifts were perfect, as I promised my self that I would stop playing it safe (with my style) and explore different items of fashion as I do not often try new stuff. Some of the gifts I got really surprised me as I adored these products but never had the guts to purchase them and why did I describe them as timeless, well, you'll find that out.

Guess Bracelet
I got this pink and rosegold bracelet from Guess. It came in a cute tiny pink box that it still sits in. It is better to store such pieces in their original packaging to avoid scratches on the metalic parts. Rosegold is really trending now and it was the perfect time to recieve this present. 

Oxidized Earings
I got a pair of oxidized earings from Westside. These earings can be worn with literally any type of hairstyle, like an up-do or a wavy let down. It goes on with both western and traditional. The size is perfect and I am absolutely in love with this. 

Structured Bag
I got a mustard coloured David Jones bag. I believe this was bought from Lifestyle (because it had a lifestyle wrapping paper on it), but im not a hundred percent sure though. I have never owned a structured bag but surprisingly I used this twice allready and it was indeed comfortable.

Casual Handbag
I got this handbag for myself from Forever 21. This might sound a bit cheeky but I have never gone out to buy something for myself unless I was forced to do so buy certain conditions or my mother. So this was really cool and I thought this bag was a good investment as it goes along with a pair of jeans and any solid coloured top.

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