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Leo's Boulangerie

7 Feb 2015

This is going to be another "food review" post. I really enjoy writing reviews related to food, so this week's post is going to be the same. If you are a desert person, you need to stick around and read this post for sure.After reading the post, I am sure you will visit this amazing place.



is a small pastry shop situated in the very crowded Lokhandwala market. As you enter Lokhandwala market keep looking to your left as this place is tiny and can be missed easily (if you walk it is just 4 minutes after you enter the market). It has this big board with it's name written in red on the top of the main entrance. When you enter the pastry shop you have the pastry counter to your left followed by the snacks counter. On the right you have a place to sit and the cash counter. The pastry shop is spacious and I must say the lighting is very good, the shop feels bright and gives out this happy vibes. The grey finish of the walls contrasts the colour of the pastries, and if you look at the whole shop, the pastries stand out and look amazing.
The service is really good, the staff is friendly and you do not have to wait a bit for someone to attend to you. They give you a piece of their new pastries or cakes to taste. I tasted many pastries and loved everything (I am not kidding literally everything tasted excellent). The staff did not hesitate to bring new pastries to the "tasting table".  As much as I and my foodie partner enjoyed tasting everything we enjoyed the service equally. 

Now coming on to the main part of our visit, the PASTRIES. We tasted quite some pastries,  every pastry was different and we did not taste anything that was similar to another pastry. So when you're there you can expect a large variety from all the fruity flavours to the sweet chocolate flavours to the dark chocolate flavours. They have some pastries and mousses that you do not get anywhere else, like the liquor moose and they have a sorbets with a twist (like their orange sorbet) which is like a cloud-burst of flavour in your mouth.
Their pastries are priced around Rs.80 (on an average). The pastries are filling, rich, and totally worth the money. What I really enjoyed about their pastries was, every layer or every changing element in a pastry was in harmony, and when you eat it as a whole every little thing comes as one to form this huge bomb of flavour in your mouth. The snacks they serve are good too, we tasted the chicken quiche and marble sandwich which tasted good and fresh even at seven in the evening. I strongly recommend this pastry shop, you have to visit it and I am sure you will visit it again.
Fun Facts: 
Leo's Boulangerie opened in November 2014 and was immediately famed for it's different variety and tasty pastries.
The owner is Farzad Jehani of Leopold Cafe.

Location: Shop 4, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai

My Overall review:
Surely one of the best cake shops
Pastries / Cakes have great flavours
The cakes/ pastries looked classy
Great presentation
Price: Just like any top notch pastry shop
Portion: Stomach filling
Service: Excellent
Pocket pinch: Rs.400
My rating: 4.00stars

My Order:
Kalhua Mousse
Caramel crunch
Garlic Bread Loaf
(we tasted many more pastries and the review is base on everything not only my order)
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