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The Boston Cupcakery Review

26 Jan 2015

Hello everybody! I haven't uploaded much since the past month, honestly I don't know why. Nothing made me excited enough to write about it. As this was the condition of my life, I decided to take things in my own hands and go ahead searching for something to write about. I spent all my pocket money on getting gifts for my mother who celebrated her birthday recently, so I did not have any money left for a haul and I missed the great flat 50% off sale (:( ). Anyway I decided to do something I really like and feel really passionate about, that is reviewing food, so without any further ado here is 
The Boston Cupcakery review.

is situated in Lokhandwala Andheri West (Mumbai, India). It is a small shop standing just after the Lokhandwala bridge, so you need to keep your eyes wide open to find this tiny piece of heaven. This place cannot accommodate many people but it does home delivery, that makes up for this drawback. The service is splendid, they literally answer every doubt you have regarding the menu, and the cupcakes they suggested were spot on what I wanted to eat.
When you walk inside the glass door they have the cupcakes showcased right ahead. On the right side there was a wall with decorative frames and a mirror, and a shelf that had jars of sugar, cocolate chips, coffee beans, etc. which is pretty much what you would want to see in a cupcake shop.

Coming on to the cup cakes, we over-ordered because we wanted to try everything and our bill came up to Rs.740 (for 4 people). I'll mention my order at he end as I do it in all my food blogs. They have three categories of cupcakes ie. Signature cupcakes (Rs.100), Central cupcakes (Rs.80) and Classic Cupcakes (Rs.60). The flavours in the menu ranges from the exotic Red Velvet cupcake to the Fruity Blueberry cupcake to the mouth watering Gooey chocolate cupcake to the simple Vanilla cupcake. Check the menu carefully because you would not want to miss out on any flavours. The cupcakes we ordered were moist and melted in the mouth instantly. Some of them had fillings in their centre which was awesome because who would not want more chocolate (*wink wink*). The flavour of the cupcakes are strong and exactly how the name suggests they are.
They serve two very different things on their menu, that I saw for the first time anywhere, one is the cupcake ice-cream and the second one is the cupcake shake. We had two different cupcake ice-creams. It is basically an ice-cream served with a cupcake on the top and different toppings around it. When you serve cupcakes with ice-cream the cupcake bounds to get dry, so keep this in mind when you order your cupcake ice-cream and choose the flavour accordingly(I enjoyed the Choco city cupcake with strawberry ice-cream). I ordered a Kitkat shake.I am not sure how they make the shake, but I am guessing they blend the cupcake with milk and cream. It sounds a bit like "huhhhh" but the shake was pretty good, it was a little heavy though. My mother enjoyed the shake and could not keep her hands off it, while I eyed her Cupcake Ice-cream.
They served coffees and teas also, but I went in only for the cupcakes. There are not many reviews about their coffees and teas too.
I should mention the Baker Eric Lars Larsen known as @TheCupcakeDude on vines.
Location: Shop 1 , Legend Apartment, Near Millat Nagar Circle, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri                     West, Mumbai

Must visit at least once
Very innovative
Moist Cupcakes
Perfect icing
Great Service
A bit Pricey
My Rating:3.5stars

My order:

Red Velvet
Chocolate ganache

Cupcake ice-cream
Choco City with Strawberry ice-cream
Nutella with Chocolate ice-cream

Cupcake Shake
Kitkat cupcake shake

Colaba Causeway

16 Jan 2015

I wanted to do a Colaba Causeway Haul for a long time now. Though it is not a fancy place and the clothes are not from the "high-end market", every Mumbaikar surely knows that, if you are on a tight budget Colaba Causeway is a place you go for shopping. It is one of the most diverse place you'll see in Mumbai, I used the word 'diverse' specifically because you get all kinds of things here. If you love mixing up your style I definitely recommend Colaba Causeway. You get anything and everything there but I prefer picking out casual Tee's and comfy pants. My favourite pick is the leopard pull over. Enjoy Reading & Shopping!
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