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27 Dec 2014

2015! The New year will start with new promises and new resolutions. It will be tough to stick to our resolutions and though breaking them seems like something that has to be done, this year we will not give up that easily. I have compiled a list of motivational videos that can inspire you just a little bit more and help you get what you aim for. As Buddha says "No matter how hard the past, you can always start again" , so let's get it started!

Angel Richardson:
 A great video to start your year filled with goals. She generally speaks about the importance of writing your goals, vision boards, and many other topics that really makes sense. this video is about things you need to do before 2015.
See the video here. 

Steve jobs:
If you want to try something new and always find a way to avoid it, this is a perfect video for you. He keeps his speech interesting by sharing three anecdotes.
See the video here.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:
Her speeches are witty. In this video she speaks about having a single story. It is more educational in a way, but practising what she says makes life a bit better.
see the video here.

Ezra Frech:
Truly inspirational and a really, really cool kid. I do not want to say much but if you are reading this you just have to watch this video where he appeared on Ellen.
See the video here.

I hope you all enjoy watching the videos and have a great new year prep.

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