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Cocktail #1 Rum Punch

28 Dec 2014

The best part of the holidays are, we get to try new food and beverages. One drink that really stood out on my Dad's special Christmas menu was, a cocktail called 'Rum punch'. Now we didn't have different types of rum and all, so we did our version of a rum punch which was simple and the ingredients are easily available, so you can recreate it at home easily. 
My father told me to remember 1 2 3 4,
That is; 
1 cup of lime juice.
2 cups of sugar.
3 cups of rum (we used old monk).
4 cups of orange juice (it goes good with old monk)
 Shake these in a shaker and according to how strong or mild you want it you can add water. Shake it with ice or shake it and pop it in the fridge. garnish it with a slice of lime or sweet lime on the glass.
TIP: Turn your spoon up side down and pour rum slowly over it so that it floats on top.
Serve it in a tall glass.

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