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Christmas Decorations DIY

22 Dec 2014

These are some last minute Christmas decorations I came up with, which will look amazing as a centre-piece for your table or on a book shelf. I saw some mason jar decoration ideas on Pinterest and logged on to Amazon to see if I can buy one, but the price was extremely high, so I decided to use large 'Dabur' honey jars and it worked perfectly. 
I took the lid off and filled the first jar with some red pomegranate tree hangings and then some golden ones and then added a big golden ball (all of these were leftover Christmas tree decorations ). To top it off, I tied a ribbon with a bell hung on to it. In the second jar I stuffed a tinsel and dropped in some red pomegranate tree hangings (I have no idea what role a pomegranate plays in Christmas but it's fine as long as it looks good). For the third piece of decoration, I took a silver tray dropped a tinsel on it, kept two glass reindeers that looked adorable, two red star hangings, a small wreath. I kept a clear Whisky cup on the tray and filled it with golden Christmas tree hangings. That is it, three easy affordable last minute Christmas decoration DIY ideas.


  1. They look lovely and would certainly add a bit of sparkle to a Christmas table :-)


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