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An App Idea

12 Dec 2014

I was just watching TheFineBros on YouTube and came across some "react" videos, where PewDiePie shuts down his comments section, Amanda Todd had plenty of hate comments after going through a very tough time of cyber bullying (it is sad that she is no more)and many such stories were shared. Some action has to be taken to stop cyber bullying.

Just think of it, you post a video on YouTube, you get 7 good comments and 3 really hurtful comments. Those three comments will bother you no matter what and I bet your day would have been better if you did not read that and focused on the good things people had to write. 
My little app idea was that if every social website had a positive and negative bar below every comment like the 'like and dislike' buttons on YouTube and then depending on the no. of  +'s or -'s the comments can be arranged. The comments should be in the order of descending no. of +'s and then ascending no. of negatives after all the positive comments are listed above it (I hope you understood what I am trying to say).
This is a kiddish idea and we won't get to read all the spicy comments but it will at least be encouraging for people who want to put themselves out there on the internet and a little positivity will be added in our lives because believe it or not the internet is a big part of out daily life so why not stride to make a positive change. Even if it is small.
I have posted after such a long time because of my semesters and the post is not related to anything I usually post about but this was something I really wanted to put out, just to encourage anyone who reads this that small things we do to improve anything matters even if it is for 1 person, it matters. After all, amazing things are done with small changes.


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