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Cocktail #1 Rum Punch

28 Dec 2014

The best part of the holidays are, we get to try new food and beverages. One drink that really stood out on my Dad's special Christmas menu was, a cocktail called 'Rum punch'. Now we didn't have different types of rum and all, so we did our version of a rum punch which was simple and the ingredients are easily available, so you can recreate it at home easily. 
My father told me to remember 1 2 3 4,
That is; 
1 cup of lime juice.
2 cups of sugar.
3 cups of rum (we used old monk).
4 cups of orange juice (it goes good with old monk)
 Shake these in a shaker and according to how strong or mild you want it you can add water. Shake it with ice or shake it and pop it in the fridge. garnish it with a slice of lime or sweet lime on the glass.
TIP: Turn your spoon up side down and pour rum slowly over it so that it floats on top.
Serve it in a tall glass.

Motivational Videos

27 Dec 2014

2015! The New year will start with new promises and new resolutions. It will be tough to stick to our resolutions and though breaking them seems like something that has to be done, this year we will not give up that easily. I have compiled a list of motivational videos that can inspire you just a little bit more and help you get what you aim for. As Buddha says "No matter how hard the past, you can always start again" , so let's get it started!

Angel Richardson:
 A great video to start your year filled with goals. She generally speaks about the importance of writing your goals, vision boards, and many other topics that really makes sense. this video is about things you need to do before 2015.
See the video here. 

Steve jobs:
If you want to try something new and always find a way to avoid it, this is a perfect video for you. He keeps his speech interesting by sharing three anecdotes.
See the video here.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:
Her speeches are witty. In this video she speaks about having a single story. It is more educational in a way, but practising what she says makes life a bit better.
see the video here.

Ezra Frech:
Truly inspirational and a really, really cool kid. I do not want to say much but if you are reading this you just have to watch this video where he appeared on Ellen.
See the video here.

I hope you all enjoy watching the videos and have a great new year prep.

Christmas Decorations DIY

22 Dec 2014

These are some last minute Christmas decorations I came up with, which will look amazing as a centre-piece for your table or on a book shelf. I saw some mason jar decoration ideas on Pinterest and logged on to Amazon to see if I can buy one, but the price was extremely high, so I decided to use large 'Dabur' honey jars and it worked perfectly. 
I took the lid off and filled the first jar with some red pomegranate tree hangings and then some golden ones and then added a big golden ball (all of these were leftover Christmas tree decorations ). To top it off, I tied a ribbon with a bell hung on to it. In the second jar I stuffed a tinsel and dropped in some red pomegranate tree hangings (I have no idea what role a pomegranate plays in Christmas but it's fine as long as it looks good). For the third piece of decoration, I took a silver tray dropped a tinsel on it, kept two glass reindeers that looked adorable, two red star hangings, a small wreath. I kept a clear Whisky cup on the tray and filled it with golden Christmas tree hangings. That is it, three easy affordable last minute Christmas decoration DIY ideas.

An App Idea

12 Dec 2014

I was just watching TheFineBros on YouTube and came across some "react" videos, where PewDiePie shuts down his comments section, Amanda Todd had plenty of hate comments after going through a very tough time of cyber bullying (it is sad that she is no more)and many such stories were shared. Some action has to be taken to stop cyber bullying.

Just think of it, you post a video on YouTube, you get 7 good comments and 3 really hurtful comments. Those three comments will bother you no matter what and I bet your day would have been better if you did not read that and focused on the good things people had to write. 
My little app idea was that if every social website had a positive and negative bar below every comment like the 'like and dislike' buttons on YouTube and then depending on the no. of  +'s or -'s the comments can be arranged. The comments should be in the order of descending no. of +'s and then ascending no. of negatives after all the positive comments are listed above it (I hope you understood what I am trying to say).
This is a kiddish idea and we won't get to read all the spicy comments but it will at least be encouraging for people who want to put themselves out there on the internet and a little positivity will be added in our lives because believe it or not the internet is a big part of out daily life so why not stride to make a positive change. Even if it is small.
I have posted after such a long time because of my semesters and the post is not related to anything I usually post about but this was something I really wanted to put out, just to encourage anyone who reads this that small things we do to improve anything matters even if it is for 1 person, it matters. After all, amazing things are done with small changes.

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