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18 Nov 2014

Hey guys! This is just going to be a short post, to let you know what is going on "because we are friends and friends share everything". I am so tired and sleepy right now but I have to write this because if I do not write now I won't be able to talk to you all till the Tenth of December. I gave my first paper today (Exams!) and my examinations will continue till Tenth :( A month long journey. I wish I could Post, I get new ideas about what to post and I am so often tempted to leave all my studies and do this but I can't. I have to embrace the path I chose and be glued to it till it is done. I hope this makes sense. I'll be sleeping now and will continue studying tomorrow. Please pray that my hard work pays of because if it doesn't it's F'in annoying, you know this feeling. Good night everyone and do whatever makes you happy and satisfied (words of wisdom). I should go now before this gets weird.
 Good Night!

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