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Twist and Top Hairstyle

1 Nov 2014

Ohhhh... this is not neat or was I going for a rough look.That's a secret you'll never know. XOXO Gossip girl. I'm so sorry, the first line is so know. Anyway I am extremely excited and happy as I am finally posting a hairstyle post, my most viewed post is My Sock Bun and the second most viewed is Autumn hairstyle. So, as per the demand I decided to 'Just Do It'.  I love this hairstyle and I have seen it many times on Pinterest but unfortunately I never found it's name so I decided to name it 'TnT' Twist and Top Hairstyle. 
This hairstyle is easy, you will require many rubber bands and a hairspray or any sea-salt spray. I did not use a hair spray, hence the rough look. I made a puff, to set my fringe behind. I took a "bunch" of my hair on each side twisted it or twirled it, and tied both the twirled bunch together. Repeat this with the lower sections of your hair now. I made three sections, so if you do the same you will have three ponytails. Put the top most pony between your head and rubber band and pull it down, do the same with the other two pony tails. When you have all of your hair down braid it. you can refer to the pictures for a better understanding.


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