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Christmas Canvas Paintings

4 Nov 2014

My favourite holiday is hands down Christmas, but unfortunately because of my tight schedule and a month long semester I miss out on the preparation part of it. This year my sister Sam and I decided to start a bit earlier, so we have enough time to do everything ourselves and be ready with out studies too. We made a list of what all we want to do this Christmas and I will be sharing all our Decor', DIY's, Quick easy recipes with you all, I know this is going to be an early Christmas post, but if any of you face the same problem as I do, of semesters clashing with your prep time, I hope this helps you. 
Going ahead with the post, we decided to paint this time. We wanted to incorporate small canvas boards on shelves, tables, etc. to have a little bit more of a Christmas feel. This was our first time doing this and we had a blast doing the bell painting, that is the third picture. We did the bell painting together and it turned out to be pretty good. The first two paintings were done by Sam. Our theme colours for Christmas is basic - red, gold, black and white. We wanted the paintings to be simple and Pinterest is great for ideas. We got a bunch of them and went ahead with the first two paintings. The bell painting which I hope is amazing was our idea.We cut out a bell and hung it over an abstract canvas painting. We were lazy to cut out details on a mount-board so we just drew them in.
Things we used for out abstract painting:
Piece of sponge or foam
Acrylic paints in the shade Crimson red and gold.
Desired size of canvas board
We started out by applying red colour to the canvas using the foam. While doing this make sure you are moving your hand to form a uniform texture on the canvas. Later we smudged in the Golden colour (do not go overboard with the golden colour). That is it. You can cut out different shapes on a mount-board and hang it over your canvas.
I hope this has helped you. Have an awsome day!

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