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18 Nov 2014

Hey guys! This is just going to be a short post, to let you know what is going on "because we are friends and friends share everything". I am so tired and sleepy right now but I have to write this because if I do not write now I won't be able to talk to you all till the Tenth of December. I gave my first paper today (Exams!) and my examinations will continue till Tenth :( A month long journey. I wish I could Post, I get new ideas about what to post and I am so often tempted to leave all my studies and do this but I can't. I have to embrace the path I chose and be glued to it till it is done. I hope this makes sense. I'll be sleeping now and will continue studying tomorrow. Please pray that my hard work pays of because if it doesn't it's F'in annoying, you know this feeling. Good night everyone and do whatever makes you happy and satisfied (words of wisdom). I should go now before this gets weird.
 Good Night!

Blogging Tips

9 Nov 2014

 In recent years, Bloggers have grabbed the "internet limelight". More and more people have been starting their Blogs now-a-days  and the best part about the word wide web is that it gives every Blog equal attention. If you have ever thought of starting a Blog or started a Blog but have no idea what to do, I have jotted down some tips and tricks that will help you.

#1: The Start
While starting a blog you have to decide what platform you want to base your blog on. This is the first advise given out by any blogger which makes it an important one. Depending on your knowledge of coding, web designing, etc. you can choose your blogging platform. I would recommend ie. blogspot for people with least IT knowledge as it makes blogging user friendly and rather easier to understand as it does not involve coding to a higher level and if you want to custom code, it is possible on Another option is or you can get your own URL.

#2:The Name
Pick a catchy Name and a URL. This becomes necessary when you let people know about your blog. You do not want it to be a whole sentence, as it can be quite a mouthful. Try to keep the name Short, Simple and Easy.

#3: Topics
Write on topics you are really passionate about. This has been my biggest lesson. You might feel that writing about something that is a hot topic right now will give you more readers or PR's will come to you with their free goodies. This does not happen, when you try to write about something that you do not give much importance to, because it shows in your writing. My advise would be to write something that you would like to read or consider your blog a small space where you would want to share things you like.

#4:Readers are Important
You need to write for your readers. I know this may oppose my previous tip, but you have to meet it half-way. If you are writing for page-views, try and write about something that will be helpful to your readers and will keep them interested in your blog-posts.

#5: Layout
Layout is important, as most of the viewers will want to wait a bit if your layout is attractive. Make sure that your background where you post your article is white and keep your font simple, which makes it easier to read. Remember even though your layout should look good, the content is what matters the most.  

#6: Photography
If you decide to post photos on your blog, make sure the lighting is proper and whatever you want to display is visible easily. Crop your images, so that it looks presentable. Try to avoid using your camera flash as it makes the photos look gaudy, natural light is highly recommended.

#7:Your Blog
Finally remember your blog is 'YOUR BLOG' you are the one controlling it. Do not compare it to other blogs and do not give up writing if you don't receive as many views as you wished. "Good things happen to those who wait", so be patient an just enjoy writing.

Red Box

5 Nov 2014

We had an amazing time at 'The Red Box'. The food was yum, strong on the palate and stomach filling. This restaurant serves food that does not bloat you and make you feel thirsty, I thought I'll mention that first because I hate it when I come back home bloated due to excess ajinomoto. Red Box gives you a high dining experience and really good mocktails ,oh I love them! We sat down for a three course meal and out of the three, our favourite part was obviously the desert. My favourite was the New York cheesecake and the lemon cheesecake. The chocolate truffle was good but the cheesecakes stole my heart. The restaurant does not follow a particular cuisine type, although the interior decoration had a Japanese theme going on with red walls and black sofas. The overall experience was amazing and worth every penny.

Christmas Canvas Paintings

4 Nov 2014

My favourite holiday is hands down Christmas, but unfortunately because of my tight schedule and a month long semester I miss out on the preparation part of it. This year my sister Sam and I decided to start a bit earlier, so we have enough time to do everything ourselves and be ready with out studies too. We made a list of what all we want to do this Christmas and I will be sharing all our Decor', DIY's, Quick easy recipes with you all, I know this is going to be an early Christmas post, but if any of you face the same problem as I do, of semesters clashing with your prep time, I hope this helps you. 
Going ahead with the post, we decided to paint this time. We wanted to incorporate small canvas boards on shelves, tables, etc. to have a little bit more of a Christmas feel. This was our first time doing this and we had a blast doing the bell painting, that is the third picture. We did the bell painting together and it turned out to be pretty good. The first two paintings were done by Sam. Our theme colours for Christmas is basic - red, gold, black and white. We wanted the paintings to be simple and Pinterest is great for ideas. We got a bunch of them and went ahead with the first two paintings. The bell painting which I hope is amazing was our idea.We cut out a bell and hung it over an abstract canvas painting. We were lazy to cut out details on a mount-board so we just drew them in.
Things we used for out abstract painting:
Piece of sponge or foam
Acrylic paints in the shade Crimson red and gold.
Desired size of canvas board
We started out by applying red colour to the canvas using the foam. While doing this make sure you are moving your hand to form a uniform texture on the canvas. Later we smudged in the Golden colour (do not go overboard with the golden colour). That is it. You can cut out different shapes on a mount-board and hang it over your canvas.
I hope this has helped you. Have an awsome day!

Twist and Top Hairstyle

1 Nov 2014

Ohhhh... this is not neat or was I going for a rough look.That's a secret you'll never know. XOXO Gossip girl. I'm so sorry, the first line is so know. Anyway I am extremely excited and happy as I am finally posting a hairstyle post, my most viewed post is My Sock Bun and the second most viewed is Autumn hairstyle. So, as per the demand I decided to 'Just Do It'.  I love this hairstyle and I have seen it many times on Pinterest but unfortunately I never found it's name so I decided to name it 'TnT' Twist and Top Hairstyle. 
This hairstyle is easy, you will require many rubber bands and a hairspray or any sea-salt spray. I did not use a hair spray, hence the rough look. I made a puff, to set my fringe behind. I took a "bunch" of my hair on each side twisted it or twirled it, and tied both the twirled bunch together. Repeat this with the lower sections of your hair now. I made three sections, so if you do the same you will have three ponytails. Put the top most pony between your head and rubber band and pull it down, do the same with the other two pony tails. When you have all of your hair down braid it. you can refer to the pictures for a better understanding.
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