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Vision Board

2 Oct 2014

 Creating a vision board becomes necessary, when you really want something so bad that you don't want to stop thinking about it. Making a vision board is easy and cheap, but understanding and applying this trick to your life can be a little tough. A vision board should not only remind you of your vision, but also keep your thoughts positive towards it.

Here are 7 rules to make a vision board work:
 #1. The things you put in your vision board should be believable 
       (Example: You want a million dollars in a year, but you have never collected even                   $50,000 in a year so, in the back of your mind you think "What the hell, this is                         not going to be possible")It doesn't work like that.

#2. Have complete faith that you are going to get what you want, keep telling yourself 'Yes         this is mine'.

 #3. Get excited about what you want, and imagine it in your hands or you're close to it. Feel  the happiness you would have felt if it was real.

#4. Do not get demotivated and try to lower the level of your vision.

 #5. Do not make thinking about your visions a routine, instead get excited that it is in your          mind and it will be real soon.

#6. Think and believe that it will work.

#7. Have a sense of Gratitude towards the things you already have achieved.

The documentary of the book 'The Secret' speaks about the law of attraction which is applied in this concept. Watching it can be a great motivation, and I highly recommend it. So put it to the test, try doing it, and believe in it.


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