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My Top Five Lipsticks

30 Oct 2014

These are the five lipsticks I am currently using and loving. 'My top five lipstick' blog has been on my blog list forever and I am happy I can finally do it. I have been wearing a lot of lipsticks in darker shades, and as you can see among the top 5 lipsticks three of them are dark and pretty bold . Starting from the left My top five lipsticks are:
Elizabeth Arden
(in the shade Petal 18)
The packaging of this lipstick is amazing. The rose gold case matches the light pink shade of the lipstick and just makes it shine. The texture of the lipstick is glossy and the shade is as it is named, like a pink rose Petal. This colour might look simple but the pink really stands out.

Makeup Revolution
(in the shade Reckless)
This is personally my favourite Lipstick. The colour stands out and it is moderately glossy. By moderately glossy I mean, it is not too glossy where your hair sticks to your lips  when it flies across your face. If you use a tissue, place it over your lips and brush powder over it (a foundation blush is perfect for the job) , it gives a matte effect. This Lipstick stays on the whole day, it does not come off easily. I highly recommend it.

(in the shade Sparkling beige)
I got this lipstick in my Fabbag and it perfectly matched my skin tone. It is sparkly and perfect when you want your lips to stand out with a nude colour. The texture is glossy and it makes your lips pop.
This Christmas you will see me wearing this often.

(Warm Rust & Baked Brick)
These lipsticks are very pigmented and leaves a strong colour when you put it on but it fades away in 3 to 4 hours so it has to be reapplied if you are wearing it to office or college. The texture is slightly less glossy than the Makeup Revolution. I apply a lip balm first and then put it on. The colours are pretty unique and perfect for winter.

These are my top five October lipstick. Enjoy!


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