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Highway Gomantak

23 Oct 2014

Personally I am not a Fish person, it is because of the fish-y taste you get when you eat a fish curry or something similar to it. Many people enjoy eating fish, but not me. However HIGHWAY GOMANTAK changed my mind completely. Highway Gomantak is a seafood restaurant located at Bandra East. It is a small restaurant with simple infrastructure and interior, The limited seating and large demand creates a problem though, as the waiting period can stretch upto an hour. They do not take reservations, and something that I did not like is they do not list names and just take people in randomly. People still wait because the food is worth it.

I did not want to go hardcore fish so I ordered a Mutton Thali which was amazing and spicy (not mouth burning spicy but the correct amount of spicy ). Thali is the best option if you want to eat like a proper plate of traditional Maharashtrian food. Everything we ordered was amazing, I'll list my order at the end. The best thing we ordered there was the sweet dish 'Kharvas' (which is like a sweet steamed milk pudding and it is eaten cold). If you ever go to Highway Gomantak , you have to taste their kharvas, it was amazing and one of the best sweet-dishes I have ever eaten. It is perfect after a heavy meal.
My order:
Mutton thali 
Prawns thali
Prawns fry
bombil (bombay duck) fry

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