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Diwali =)

26 Oct 2014

Before Diwali ended, I really wanted to do a Diwali related post because it is Diwali. You can see how excited I am, as I used the word Diwali multiple times in the first line itself. Anyway, I decided to keep this blog post simple and it could get a little chatty but it was better than my previous idea of writing about Diwali Facts...(It would have been boring for you and me!). My Diwali usually begins with a Google Search for "Easy Rangoli Designs" and as you can see in the pictures above, my sister and I ended up making these designs which took us over an hour because we get distracted really easily and end up dancing on some song going on. So, staying on the topic, we created two lovely (slightly immature looking but great) Rangoli. Later on, we decided to have our Lunch at 'Red Box', on which a review will surely be coming up. We had a great time, the Lunch was perfect for Diwali. 

On Diwali it is mandatory to visit your relatives and exchange Sweets. I never miss this because I get a chance to dress up and hog on all the traditional Mithai (sweets). This time I wore a Magenta coloured Anarkali, which looks purple in all my pictures (a big downer ). It was quite heavy but all the sweets gave me strength. The lovely Mehendi  or Hena design on my hand was made by my sister and I loved it. There is a picture of me posing for a selfie showing it off. This year I decided to go eco-friendly and not burst any crackers or fireworks, which made Tizzy (my pet dog) really happy. Putting it all together I had an amazing Diwali, I hope you did too. 


  1. Interesting, glad you had a good day. You look great!

  2. Hope you had a good day! Sounds fun. x
    Hope you can visit my blog. Let me know what you think about it! We can also follow each other via gfc and bloglovin if you want.

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