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My Top Five Lipsticks

30 Oct 2014

These are the five lipsticks I am currently using and loving. 'My top five lipstick' blog has been on my blog list forever and I am happy I can finally do it. I have been wearing a lot of lipsticks in darker shades, and as you can see among the top 5 lipsticks three of them are dark and pretty bold . Starting from the left My top five lipsticks are:
Elizabeth Arden
(in the shade Petal 18)
The packaging of this lipstick is amazing. The rose gold case matches the light pink shade of the lipstick and just makes it shine. The texture of the lipstick is glossy and the shade is as it is named, like a pink rose Petal. This colour might look simple but the pink really stands out.

Makeup Revolution
(in the shade Reckless)
This is personally my favourite Lipstick. The colour stands out and it is moderately glossy. By moderately glossy I mean, it is not too glossy where your hair sticks to your lips  when it flies across your face. If you use a tissue, place it over your lips and brush powder over it (a foundation blush is perfect for the job) , it gives a matte effect. This Lipstick stays on the whole day, it does not come off easily. I highly recommend it.

(in the shade Sparkling beige)
I got this lipstick in my Fabbag and it perfectly matched my skin tone. It is sparkly and perfect when you want your lips to stand out with a nude colour. The texture is glossy and it makes your lips pop.
This Christmas you will see me wearing this often.

(Warm Rust & Baked Brick)
These lipsticks are very pigmented and leaves a strong colour when you put it on but it fades away in 3 to 4 hours so it has to be reapplied if you are wearing it to office or college. The texture is slightly less glossy than the Makeup Revolution. I apply a lip balm first and then put it on. The colours are pretty unique and perfect for winter.

These are my top five October lipstick. Enjoy!

Diwali =)

26 Oct 2014

Before Diwali ended, I really wanted to do a Diwali related post because it is Diwali. You can see how excited I am, as I used the word Diwali multiple times in the first line itself. Anyway, I decided to keep this blog post simple and it could get a little chatty but it was better than my previous idea of writing about Diwali Facts...(It would have been boring for you and me!). My Diwali usually begins with a Google Search for "Easy Rangoli Designs" and as you can see in the pictures above, my sister and I ended up making these designs which took us over an hour because we get distracted really easily and end up dancing on some song going on. So, staying on the topic, we created two lovely (slightly immature looking but great) Rangoli. Later on, we decided to have our Lunch at 'Red Box', on which a review will surely be coming up. We had a great time, the Lunch was perfect for Diwali. 

On Diwali it is mandatory to visit your relatives and exchange Sweets. I never miss this because I get a chance to dress up and hog on all the traditional Mithai (sweets). This time I wore a Magenta coloured Anarkali, which looks purple in all my pictures (a big downer ). It was quite heavy but all the sweets gave me strength. The lovely Mehendi  or Hena design on my hand was made by my sister and I loved it. There is a picture of me posing for a selfie showing it off. This year I decided to go eco-friendly and not burst any crackers or fireworks, which made Tizzy (my pet dog) really happy. Putting it all together I had an amazing Diwali, I hope you did too. 

Liebster Blog Award Nomination

25 Oct 2014

First of all, I would like to thank Zaira from Floral Escape for the nomination, check out her blog which I absolutely adore. This is going to be my first tag type blog and I hope, I do it justice. The Liebster Blog Award was created for smaller bloggers who do not have as many followers as other bloggers might have. Liebster is a German word that means sweetest, nicest, kindest, dearest and beloved. I hope you enjoy!

Rules for Liebster Award:
  • Post 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to do the same
  • Let the bloggers know you have nominated know they have been nominated  
11 Facts about me...

  1. I am much into Lifestyle, Food, Fashion and Interior Decoration.
  2. My favourite colour is Gold and Blue.
  3. I want to travel the whole world.
  4. I am participating in a competition where I need to make a small race car.
  5. My favourite ice-cream is black current.
  6. I have a dog named Tizzy.
  7. I love watching Medicine related serials/soaps.
  8. Just got a new mobile phone HTC and I love it.
  9. I need a Canon 600d.
  10. My celebrity crush - Luke Mitchell
  11. Right now I am listening to 'All About That Bass' by Meghan Trainor.  

My Answers to Zairas Questions
  1. Favourite item of clothing?
          My ZARA green tube dress.
  2. Dream Job?
          To be an Explorer  
  3. How long have you had your blog?     
          A month and three days              
  4. Favourite Song?
           Set Fire to the Rain by Adele 
  5. Your favourite blog post?
           Click here to see it. An interior decor' post by 'zoella'.
            And A post I am proud of on my blog is My Sock bun (click to read it).
  6. Favourite beauty brand?
  7. One reason why you started a blog?
             I started writing because I loved reading other blogs and I decided to
             just go ahead with my own blog.
  8. What is your favourite quote?
             "I am not Special, I am just a LIMITED EDITION"   
  9. What did you want to be when you were a child?
             A Mutant (X-man)
  10. What is your favourite form of Social Media.
             Instagram and Pinterest  
  11. Favourite Blog?
             Zoella and  Couture Girl   

 Questions for my nominees.

  1. What is your go-to beauty product?
  2. What would be the colour, of the walls of your dream bedroom?
  3. Your favourite food item?
  4. A brand you will always love?
  5. Who was your inspirational blogger (a blogger who inspired you to start your blog)?
  6.  Your first blog post was...
  7. Favourite pair of shoes?
  8. Which song is playing on your i-pod right now?
  9. Favourite season?
  10. Your childhood pet-name or nick-name?
  11. Your dream job?
My nominees

Amy from Style Storms
Mercedes from All things Beauty 
Roxan from Roxys Blog 
Dope Sky
Lisa from Mix and Pick 
Natasha from Dollybird Glam 
Taylor from Posh Polish Nails 
Maithilly from Feeling Scripty
Helen from Think Fit Food Family

That is it :) If I have nominated you and you participated, please send me the link, I would love to read it. 

Highway Gomantak

23 Oct 2014

Personally I am not a Fish person, it is because of the fish-y taste you get when you eat a fish curry or something similar to it. Many people enjoy eating fish, but not me. However HIGHWAY GOMANTAK changed my mind completely. Highway Gomantak is a seafood restaurant located at Bandra East. It is a small restaurant with simple infrastructure and interior, The limited seating and large demand creates a problem though, as the waiting period can stretch upto an hour. They do not take reservations, and something that I did not like is they do not list names and just take people in randomly. People still wait because the food is worth it.

I did not want to go hardcore fish so I ordered a Mutton Thali which was amazing and spicy (not mouth burning spicy but the correct amount of spicy ). Thali is the best option if you want to eat like a proper plate of traditional Maharashtrian food. Everything we ordered was amazing, I'll list my order at the end. The best thing we ordered there was the sweet dish 'Kharvas' (which is like a sweet steamed milk pudding and it is eaten cold). If you ever go to Highway Gomantak , you have to taste their kharvas, it was amazing and one of the best sweet-dishes I have ever eaten. It is perfect after a heavy meal.
My order:
Mutton thali 
Prawns thali
Prawns fry
bombil (bombay duck) fry

Study Tips

13 Oct 2014

My Mid-Semester examinations will be beginning tomorrow. Being in a studious mood I thought, I might share some study tips with you all.
Photo from google

#1- Day or Night Person....
  • You know yourself better than any one else.
  • If your a day person, prepare your schedule the previous night. As soon as you get up you need to start studying ASAP, because by noon, you will tend to get bored .
  • If you're a night person, you can prepare you schedule during the day.
  • The schedule should consist of the chapter your going to do, subtopics, and time slot for every subtopic.
  • See that you give enough time to complete each topic not more or less.
#2 - Timed study
If you cannot study continuously and start procrastinating (Thinking about what you will do further but end up doing nothing) study straight for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minutes break (You can later  extend your working time).
TIP: When you're extremely sleepy (like "can't keep you're eyes open" sleepy) then take a power nap of 20 minutes, its really effective trust me! (Science behind the 20 min power nap click this link>POWER  NAP )

Keep your distractions far far away! Depending on what gets you distracted easily, act on it.
Unplug the TV, remove your SIM card from your phone ...blah blah blah. You know what to do!

#4 - Focus
Finally man up and study there is no other way to do it
TIP: Make notes for revision it's helpful.

#5 - Reward yourself
After a task, reward yourself. I follow this by eating a big bowl of my favorite Banana Split.

And that's it.

Autumn Makeup Haul

11 Oct 2014

This season I decided to go bold. Autumn, being all about bold dark colors, I dared to pick some shades that would stand out. For my lips I went in with the reds and maroons, for my eyes I picked up a palette with autumn-y colors and YES glitter was on my list. On the contrary I wanted to go subtle with my cheeks, so I picked up a Mild Cherry colored blush.

Product Names:

Eyeshadow - Makeup Revolution London Iconic2 Redemption palette
Eyeliner - The One by Oriflame (Gel pen Eyeliner)
Blush - VeryMe by Oriflame (Cherry my cheeks)
Makeup Revolution London (in the shade Reckless)
Oriflame (shades - Baked Bricks & Warm Rust)
Lip balm - Honey Hut (Strawberry Surprise)


Sock Bun {Autumn Hair #2}

8 Oct 2014

I am loving autumn, and enjoying all the different styles I get to try. The sock bun is one of the easiest hair buns and you are literally using a sock to create the bun. To create this look all you have to do is, wrap a sock around your ponytail, evenly cover it with your hair, secure it with a rubber-band. Take the hair that is left loose  and twirl it around the bun.


Skin care routine {acne prone skin}

5 Oct 2014

#1. Always wash your face with cold water, twice a day.
      (The face wash that I use is 'Karacnyl' for acne prone skin.
        Cetaphil gentle face wash is another one that I highly recommend)

#2. Moisturize your skin daily.
      (Break outs are caused due to excess sebum on your face, which is released to    compensate for the lack of moisture in your skin cells)

#3. Exfoliate once a week.
      (Home made scrubs are really easy to make, here is a link to help you make your own easy scrub)

#4. Face masks - once a week
      (TBS's tea tree face mask cleanses your pores and is amazing for acne prone skin)

#5. Hydrate yourself.
      (Drinking water regularly can have a massive effect on your skin. 8 cups of water a day           is a must) 

Homemade Face Scrub

4 Oct 2014

Homemade scrubs and face packs are really easy to make. As the ingredients are fresh and natural, essential nutrients are present in it (depending on what ingredients are used the nutrients vary). Exfoliation of the skin, at least once a week is necessary to free your skin from dead cells. If your skin is sensitive a cream exfoliator is highly recommended.

My face scrub 
Equal portions of ground almond and ground oat meal.
Base: Honey, Milk, Cleansing milk.
(I used honey as the base)
Scrub and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.


Autumn Hair Style #1

3 Oct 2014

Though autumn has begun, the temperature in Mumbai is pretty high. Therefore, for my autumn style I decided to tie my hair in a way that goes along with, the autumn trend. With the correct technique of twirling and tying a messy fish-tail, creating this hairstyle is very easy. If you do not like hair falling over your shoulder you can replace the fish-tail with a messy bun. To go along with the hairstyle, I wore a floral dress. This dress can be topped with a neutral colored cardigan and knee high boots or regular boots with knee high socks.
Dress - Forever21
Eye-liner - Glasel by Oriflame
Mascara - Visions by Oriflame (in the shade Dancing Queen)
Lipstick - Gem Miracle diamond gold lipstick (the shade is written in Japanese )


Vision Board

2 Oct 2014

 Creating a vision board becomes necessary, when you really want something so bad that you don't want to stop thinking about it. Making a vision board is easy and cheap, but understanding and applying this trick to your life can be a little tough. A vision board should not only remind you of your vision, but also keep your thoughts positive towards it.

Here are 7 rules to make a vision board work:
 #1. The things you put in your vision board should be believable 
       (Example: You want a million dollars in a year, but you have never collected even                   $50,000 in a year so, in the back of your mind you think "What the hell, this is                         not going to be possible")It doesn't work like that.

#2. Have complete faith that you are going to get what you want, keep telling yourself 'Yes         this is mine'.

 #3. Get excited about what you want, and imagine it in your hands or you're close to it. Feel  the happiness you would have felt if it was real.

#4. Do not get demotivated and try to lower the level of your vision.

 #5. Do not make thinking about your visions a routine, instead get excited that it is in your          mind and it will be real soon.

#6. Think and believe that it will work.

#7. Have a sense of Gratitude towards the things you already have achieved.

The documentary of the book 'The Secret' speaks about the law of attraction which is applied in this concept. Watching it can be a great motivation, and I highly recommend it. So put it to the test, try doing it, and believe in it.


Watch - Ring

1 Oct 2014

I saw this while shopping for bags and I instantly wanted to buy it. It's a 'Watch-Ring' or a 'Ring-Watch', I have no idea what i should call it, but it looks weird (in a good way), it's different. Anyway, I forgot to remove it while washing my hands and broke it. So bye bye my weird R/W . 
I still wear it though. 

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