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I saved a Sparrow

25 Sep 2014

I was going to write on a different topic today, but "this" happened and I eagerly wanted to share this image with you all.
A little sparrow fell down from her nest today. She was so tiny and the cutest thing I've ever seen. How scared I was to pick her up! I some how managed to get her on my fingers and I felt her heart beat. I kept her back in her nest where I heard her chirping and I took that as her way of thanking me.
I went back home and immediately googled , Is the touch of a human harmful for wild birds (as in birds that are not kept as pets)?
So to clear this misconception I have jotted down some points.

1. Birds have a very weak sense of smell, so the parent bird is never in terror of a human touching its child.

2. A parent bird always looks after her kid even when it falls off the nest before it's flight. No matter what they never abandon their children.

3. Its not advised to pick a baby bird up, if they are in a safe environment (as you can give predators a hint that there is a nest present).

4.If a baby bird is found on the road or in a Cat Zone please put it in its nest immediately, or call your local wildlife / animal control.

5. Lastly be as gentle as possible. (I did not pick her up directly,I kept a newspaper below her and waited till she could get completely on it and then put her on my finger. Their head is very very big for their neck so be as gentle as possible.) 

So go ahead and help a bird . 

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