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Cafe Madras

30 Sep 2014

Cafe Madras (Matunga, Mumbai), on my way there, when I asked a man walking on the road for directions, he said " you mean the famous cafe", which got me even more excited to visit it and taste what made that small food joint so big. There was a huge waiting line for breakfast at 9.00 am .I learnt when you go to cafe Madras you shouldn't miss out on their specials, or anything with podi ( A flavored powder that does not taste like any ordinary masala) .They are recognized for their 'filter coffee' for Rs.25 only, which was absolutely yum and people with a taste for strong coffee would love it.There is a small stall outside the restaurant, that  sold farsaan items (Snacks) and the famous filter coffee (also called kaapi).
We left from there with a happy stomach and a happy heart. 
My order:
Idli podi
Upma podi
Set dosa
Sheera (sweet)

Filter coffee

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