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Revamp Your Closet with StyleWe (sponsered)

5 Jan 2017

Jump-start January was a phrase I began my 2017 with. Now apart from the Resolutions, Exercises and clean Diet, I aim to up-do my closet this year. When I was approached by StyleWe and Just Fashion Now , I thought it is the perfect opportunity to discover some new styles and share it with all of you. I was overwhelmed with the collection they had, so I decided to create Style boards with some of my favorite styles.


The bohemian style was something I followed throughout 2016 and StyleWe has a pretty good collection of bohemian clothes.


The "Tokyo casual style" is one of my favorites. A few solid colors with a minimalist feel is perfect for this look.


If you lean towards the glamorous side of fashion. StyleWe has it all. 


Good looking sporty wear gives a different feel all over to your exercise. 

Swim Wear:

Sticking to the classics this year has an amazing collection of black one piece swimsuit (click to go directly to the page) .

 StyleWe Blog

You can go to their blog for some quick and helpful reads. Their latest article "Easy Workout and Healthy Diet Plan for Busy Moms" is a great read that offers some really helpful tips.
So do not forget to check it out.


Di Bella Coffee: Freakshake Review

11 Oct 2016

We visited 'Di Bella Coffee' quite some weeks back and found a different, rather an extra menu with  3 "Freakshakes" and their description on them. The first time my sister Sam and I decided to order the The Melbourne Freakshake and on our second visit we decided to have the Gold Coast Pretzel Freakshake. One glass of this freakshake can be shared by two conveniently. The cost of each freakshake is Rs.250, it is a bit pricey but worth a try. Another flavour we decided not to opt for, was The Childhood Wonderland, which is usually served with marshmallows and all the fun stuff on top, but we were overwhelmed by the colours and the amount of pink and  yellow chocolate. Maybe we'll try it some other time.  

The Melbourne Freakshake:

This is my favourite freakshake. The milkshake is perfect, it is not too sweet, the toppings goes well with the shake. The chocolate pearls on the glass and in the shake are surprisingly tasty, usually these toppings don't have much flavour in it. They serve this with oreos. The waffles were an added bonus. Di Bella is famous for it's waffles and incorporating their waffles in the freakshakes is a smart and delicious move. If you have an option to try one freakshake only go for this one.

Gold Coast Pretzel Freakshake:

If you enjoy really sweet milkshakes this is the freakshake you should opt for. They serve a sweet butterscotch milkshake with whipped cream on top and loads of crushed salted pretzels. It is topped with Twix and some waffle pieces (Di Bella Speciality). Finally to bind all the craziness together they top the freakshake off with some caramel sauce. 

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